The TLA Foundation

The Foundation is about supporting education.  It offers scholarships to graduating seniors entering college.

The TLA Foundation is a Non – Profit organization organized in 2013 by the family in memory of Torrey Lamont Anderson, son of Toma and Tamira Anderson.


Every odd year we host a formal banquet in honor of Torrey and the scholarship recipients for that year.  Thus far we have offered seven scholarships.

Every even year, the TLA Foundation gives out school supplies and we supply money to a local barber shop for haircuts and beauty shop for hair dos for the children going back to school.

It’s the donations from our family and friends that allows us to continue to support education. We hope that you will support our efforts.  If you would like to make a donation, please make all checks payable to the TLA Foundation.  Thanks in advance for your support.

Mail Donations:

Please Mail Check Or Money Order to:

TLA Foundation
PO Box 525
Murfreesboro NC 27855

Digital Donations

Please Send Cash App Digital Donations to: